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Data entry jobs are great for people who want to work from home but are not very stable. Data entry is better for you if you are looking for a housewife, a student, a retired person, or an additional income for anyone.

You just need typing speed (at least 25 WMM), able to read basic English, and a PC with an Internet connection to start data entry jobs.

اگر آپ ڈیٹا انٹری کی نوکری حاصل کرنا چاہتے ہیں تو نیچے آپکو ویڈیو مل جائے گی. ویڈیو کو پوری دیکھ لے آپکو مکمل معلومات مل جائے گی. ویڈیو میں بتایا گیا ہیں آپ کس ترہا ڈیٹا انٹری کی نوکری کر سکتے اور کام کرنے کے بعد پیسے کسے حاصل کرنے ہیں. تمام معلومات ویڈیو میں بتائی گئی ہیں. اپ آسانی سے بلکل فری میں ڈیٹا انٹری کی نوکری حاصل کر سکتے ہیں

ڈیٹا انٹری کی نوکری حاصل کرنے کیلئے یہ ویڈیو دیکھے



Data entry jobs are very diverse and data domain workers need to be mastered in a given domain.

After reading this article, depending on the type of work, you will need to know the different types of data entry jobs and compensation information.

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25 types of data entry jobs (online and offline)

We see a variety of data entry jobs. You can work on any data entry work based on your skills and time.
Regular data entry jobs
The first type is regular data entry jobs that are very common and you need at least 20 to 30 WPM typing.

1. Simple Data Entry Jobs:

Simple data entry job includes typing words in the word file. Here, in addition to typing speed, you also need good reading and writing skills in English.

You have to read from a PDF document and write it in a Word document. You can pay 20 to 50 rupees per page in this type of data entry job.

After you sign up, we provide you with sources and other tips to find these types of data entry jobs.

2. Other basic typing jobs:

Other basic typing jobs can work with the Excel spreadsheet. Here you only need to fill the cells with the data. You do not really need to know about the formula and other technical equipment.

This work is not easy and technical. According to speed and accuracy, you can pay Rs. 100 to 150 rupees per hour.

3. Word processor or typist:

The work here is a little more technical. You need to create posts, label labels, reports, etc. and you must also have the necessary grammar skills and words.

You will also have to work with technical equipment like a chart, graphics, and tables. Usually, you need training for such data entry work.

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4. Cleaning of Data:

Also known as data cleaning or data testing, where you can remove and remove the wrong data (or correct) from the table or database.

It may be a Word file or Excel spreadsheet.

For regular data entry jobs, you are paid according to your experience and accuracy.

5. Filling the online form:

Here you will be given online form and separate data. You have to carefully evaluate the database in each field in an online form.

You have to pay attention to the work of this data so that you do not fill the wrong field with the wrong data.

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6. Online survey job:

You have to answer some simple questionnaires and fill out the survey form. You can fill out a survey form in 5 minutes to 15 minutes depending on the length of the question.

Companies need to know customer feedback so they will ask you to fill these forms. Sign up with 20 best online survey sites here.

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You can make good money by filling the form and online survey data entry jobs. If you get more similar jobs, you can see our most popular list of 14 online jobs.

7. Captcha entry jobs:

As you know captures contain images that use text, numbers, or alphamomic data to fill in the following fields. Every day you have to solve hundreds of hundreds.

it’s very easy. You can even check at top 10 captcha entry sites that give you this opportunity.

8. Copy and paste jobs:

Here, copy the data from one file and paste it to each other. Basically, it will be a word document or an excel spreadsheet.

You do not need to type too much, but you must read the importance of English.

9. Captioning:

Captioning is more advanced because here you write a newsletter or photo titles and titles. This work requires newsletters like media.

There are fewer to find jobs.

Macro-like jobs are not paid well as a captcha solution. So if you do not mind, please contact me directly.

10. Re-formatting and optimization

Generally editing the form of a job is included in the form of a word document such as paragraphs, entries, fonts etc.

You will have to format a long time, which includes different fields like name, email identification, address, phone number, etc.

Typing work is low here, but you need to know every principle of formatting.

11. Formatting and Editing Job:

Here you have to have a good knowledge of English because you will not only correct spelling errors but also grammar correct.

You need editing skills in which you have to correct the entire document.

Job preparation is more about grammar on English knowledge and typing skills.

12. Image to Text Data Entry:

You will be given an image that has a screenshot that includes written paragraphs. You will have to read from pictures and write it in a word document.

One thing to remember is that words are not easy to English but difficult medical terms that you have never heard before.

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13. Audio in text:

You will hear audio and reproduce it in a text format. Audio is a bit up-to-date due to the data entry work text because you really need to listen to it, so not for everyone.

In addition, your English must be very good so you can understand each word.

For beginners, I recommend a picture to text data entry work. Here you work more often than regular data entry work.

14. Medical Transcriptionist:

The most common transmission work is of a medical transmission. Here you record the audio files and write the word down the word in the word below.

Here you must be familiar with modern medical terms. You must also listen and have serious skill skills.

15. Medical Coding:

Medical coding is slightly different from a relatively low job. Medical coding is to diagnose the health care diagnosis, method, medical services in the alphabet.

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16. Online Data Capturing Job:

You have to capture data from different Internet publications such as e-magazines and eBooks. Here you need good English skill.

17. Email processing:

This is one of the high-paid data entry jobs. Here you process the hundreds of miles daily to find their content and create a list in the Excel spreadsheet.

You must be able to execute and rate thousands of emails. This is more than regular typing.

18. Updating database:

Here you update the current database and create a new online. This database contains various fields like names, phone numbers, email IDs, addresses, and so on.

Miscellaneous online data entry jobs are for participating.

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19. Catalog Data Entry Operator:

Data reads through the Entry Operator Database and fills online or offline software. You enter different fields like product name, code number, expiration date, price, etc.

20. Payroll Data Entry Operator:

This is a very common data entry clearer job. Here you enter the employee name, payment details, tips, etc.

You have to read the documentation of legal departments or insurance claims and it is written in a word document or excel spreadsheet.

You can also be asked to enter the automobile registration number, owner’s name, contact details, etc.

Top 20 Data Entry Jobs from Home
Top 20 Data Entry Jobs from Home

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